Meet the Team


Owner / Sr. Director

Vickie is the heart and soul of Vanasons! She prides herself on over 40 years of cutting and coloring hair. Born in Douglasville, Georgia, Vickie discovered her enjoyment for hair through her love of being a caretaker. Her nickname is “The Daymaker” because she truly sees herself and her craft as an opportunity to create the type of joy that follows her guest, even once they’ve left the salon. Vickie specializes in short hair and fine-haired guests. She is aware of the challenges and uniqueness used in fine-hair cutting techniques and will help you to create a fabulous style that can be worn every day!



Blair is one of the owners of Vanasons Salon. He is friendly and ardent about making everyone happy who steps foot into the salon. Blair’s motto is, “Our salon is Disneyland!” because he wants our clients to feel THAT excited to be here. His welcoming spirit will surely fill you with cheerfulness to be joining us at Vanasons!


Master Stylist

Carsen has been doing hair for three years. She has committed herself to being a specialist in balayage. She also adores blonding and French hair cutting. She is excited to make all of your hair dreams and ideas a reality! Outside of work you can find Carsen at a Braves game with her husband or at home knocking out her daily workouts.


Master Stylist

Kayla has worked to master the art of balayage and French cutting. A painter in her free time, she finds herself drawn to painting on hair and doing other fun things like fantasy color. In her personal life, she enjoys drawing, singing, writing, acting and all things artistic. She looks forward to making beautiful art with you.